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talking oil painting about? From the traditional sense, art consumption seems to exist only in the upper society and culture

Today, when we talk about art, we are talking oil painting about? From the traditional sense, art consumption seems to exist only in the upper society and culture, by a small number of elite monopoly, has obvious class characteristics, however, as the mass consumer upgrades, art consumption has quietly entered into a lot of people's life. According to their own daily life more and more people to have more connotation of aesthetic planning, the peacetime appearance, clothing, household items, such as way of life to create a design or style, and build up through this kind of style or experience, enjoy a more comfortable, so, when the "art" hit "consumption", after the aesthetic life, art is consumption experience is becoming a trend, as long as the elements of life into art, everyone can be the owner of beauty, as famous artists Oscar Wilde said, the mysteries of life exists in art, only found the art in life, to be more artistic life, and in the past only in the elegant lobby "serious" art trade, also began into the life of the masses.
And the development of the Internet, to further accelerate the speed of knowledge about art, the age of the Internet consumers, perception of art, has been in the museum collection, evolved into a life everywhere all art, everywhere is the age of life aesthetics, from the essence of the art to the public's infiltration and drip into the, also let art, established a new link between Internet and life.
How to better let consumers express art life attitude, how to make more life aesthetic artistic experience into the lives of more consumers? Always with "attitude" give priority to dozen of netease media launch at the end of 2016 the art of strategy, there is no doubt for the life of art in the age of the Internet, characterizes a new "gen, art, life, cross-border, experience" the art of life.
Art consumer upgrades, construct the fashionable way of life
After reform and opening up 30 years of economic development, China has a huge middle class, the transformation of economic structure of domestic energy consumption is burst, from matter to spirit consumption upgrade era. In government strongly support the policy of cultural creative industry encouragement, art consumer market ushered in unprecedented opportunities for development, diversification and individuation of art has hit consumer demand, and a growing number of consumers on the basis of the commodity use value, began to consider other added value of the goods, such as symbolic value, spiritual direction, such as cultural factors, such as image features, for the consumer "art" and "the ratification of consumer goods" provided the opportunity.
Consumption and the "art" is different from general commodity consumption, art consumption is about fashion, aesthetic, is about experience, cultural value, can bring more lasting happiness and fulfillment, therefore, more and more consumer or willing to pay for goods sense of fashion oil reproductions, rituals, customization, design and professional pay a higher premium, the added value of the brand because of the artistic connotation and is enhanced.
In the consumer psychology, driven by a growing number of brand ingenious application of art to win consumer's fans, for example, the Dutch bank is a leading global, has a long history of more than one hundred and eighty years, multinational Banks, in 53 countries and regions in the world has more than 4500 branches, the service brand become the development trend of banking, Banks are build differentiated service characteristics of competitive environment, the Dutch bank is van gogh painting by the Dutch headquarters signed a contract with van gogh foundation of authorization, abn amro bank and impressionist painter, "van gogh" depth from the painting "van gogh" design "van gogh card" on the card, to "van gogh VIP wealth management services," the Dutch bank established a differentiated brand image.
Many five-star hotels in order to attract more guests, was through the diversified forms of art to enrich the content and way of life philosophy, China now has dozens of art as the theme of the hotel, many five-star hotels also often hold exhibition activity space, the benefits of the hotel management strategy is to a certain extent, to avoid the homogeneity hotel development, raise public awareness of the hotel, and also provide custom oil painting convenient for people to contact with art.
These new trends, are fully confirm the value of art, and how will the value of art from the essence of the spread to the public, the Internet media certainly bear the user dialogue with art, media not only can boost the value and charm of art, also can guide people art consumption concept of life, like netease media in netease vice President zhang yi morning conference of 2017 art strategy described above, in view of the art world, netease in capture, on the basis of the latest trends of the industry, give full play to the influence as a media platform, optimizing its profound artistic genes, and more cross-border integration based on a netease big platform, to meet the customers' requirements to create in 2017 of the new pattern of art, let more extensive users have the opportunity of life into art.
Art education guide consumption upgrading
Art consumption and income, wealth, education level, eye shot is open, aesthetic quality, attitude to life, and many other factors have close relations, and these need time in the cultivation of comprehensive quality, when more and more people are entering the Chinese middle and wealthy families, aesthetic education also need to improve, consumption of art is not only the problem of money income, more spirit, idea and emotional identity. And throughout the art consumer market, with a lot of understanding of the art does not reach the designated position, and the insufficient understanding of life aesthetics, lead to art market supply and demand do not match. On the one hand, many galleries and art shops and electrical company has a large number of unsold goods, on the other hand, there are a lot of people have money and suffer from cannot find their loved ones, strong sense of creative design works of art, which is derived from the people the lack of knowledge in the arts.
How can let more people come into contact with the art education and learn with high quality, high quantity of knowledge become push the key to the healthy development of the art industry. In ArtLive art strategy conference, netease launched a series of "art" at the scene, is a based on the netease news live overall strategic projects: exhibition live, let art from the cultural activities become a daily life; Live broadcast, decryption artists inspiration the outbreak of the moment; Cross-border live access, will lead the users to find the art cafe around; Controversial works big discussion, see several barrier to break between art and life. Public class at the same time, also in the "art" series, will be relying on the "public class" netease attitude, to carry out art education online, and invited art big curry taste together with everybody, spread art hotspot, share life art, together to create the most attitude of art courses.
Rich through many forms show art, art education, for the network media, is itself a depth and breadth of the media, also is a time for art industry in the field of new extension and development, whether netease news broadcast, or public class, netease attitude will become a important driver of the Internet age art education development.
Broaden the art consumer channels, reduction temperature of art
Art will eventually went to the line of sight of people, mainly depend on the art sales channels, as in art "production" and "consumption", a bridge between art sales channel has not been paid great attention in formats like other industries, in China, 90% of artists sales depend on teachers and students, alumni, friends and other acquaintances, and break the pattern is the emergence of network art sale channel, make the gradual integration of art and life circle of ordinary user, and the rising young consumer groups on the Internet, has gradually become the main force of art consumption, and as the Internet connection of the most dynamic consumer crowd, in the role of the popularization of art to be reckoned with.
Netease, for example, auction, solved the mass in the traditional art market purchase, low participation of the asymmetric information problem, through the auction activities connect art and life, let have a work of art is no longer a dream, let art from imagination really walk into life.
Netease auction also let art gives the temperature, with huge information data advantage, will make full use of big data, accurate records user purchase preference, accurate delivery; At the same time also will be live through technology for the connection of art institutions and auction, online synchronous. Netease, meanwhile, the auction will also optimize our sale experience, increase the expression of original package, barrage, functions, such as video recommended for collectors can interact at any time, break the boundary of the virtual and reality, art also got more interesting show, let the collector can perceive its temperature.
Maybe one day, art is like pictures, is no longer a family of luxury, but a necessity. Families feel in the home can not live without art, regardless of family aesthetic level how, can be in the right place to buy their own home temperament of art, at the same time, meet the demand of life aesthetics of art consumer goods will also gradually developed, life aesthetics related content industry will usher in growth, art consumption will become more and more Chinese consumers.
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