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The national total of 50 extra oil painting antique collectors cheated 3 million yuan

Induction of what you believe in his own hands is a "real" baby, can sell a good price. Many antique collectors have been repeatedly diddle unskillful, sale, service, etc. The national total of 50 extra oil painting antique collectors cheated 3 million yuan.
Yesterday, hangzhou binjiang court to fraud Liu Mou etc. 15 to Sue the defendant. Ironically, Liu Mou's own admission, from company to crime, clinch a deal the only a collection.
Because there are 15 of the defendant, the trial lasted all day long, not convicted in court.
Routine is deep
Half a year
Lied to 52 people more than 300 ten thousand yuan
According to the indictment, in April 2015, was established in hangzhou binjiang Liu Mou hangzhou tai ancient culture creative co., LTD., and employs two director, four managers, nine salesman, and the webmaster, financial personnel. Formula is as follows:
Telemarketing: the salesman all make a phone call, the company introduced to Kowloon, Hong Kong international custom oil painting auction company (Liu Mou shell companies registered in Hong Kong) the only collection points, and to a large number of false on the site collection auction record.
High valuation: wait there are buyers take the bait, played by director and site management "examiner" is played, given the high valuation of collections.
Posing as buyers: Liu Mou posing as buyers or looking for, but it requires the identification generally give a high price.
Fees: managers and others with the salesman negotiation with collectors, tricking them sign a contract, auction or identification of the collection. Then for a "word", "auction fees" and "transit fee" in the name of cheat money.
Give up auction: at the end of the day, and to the collection auction or collection is less than s reasons, such as forced collectors to abandon the auction.
The boss is loaded
In a court of law
Said made two major events
The boss of this company Liu Mou 33, jiangsu people, bachelor degree, used to be in marketing. Liu Mou court, wearing a pair of black glasses, to talk, to object to the public prosecutor said most of the accused.
He said: "the auction company is my registered in Hong Kong, is not empty, there's a special receptionist? There are records on the web, it is other agencies site statistics, there is no false. Counterfeit sellers sign is wrong, that's one of my friend Hong Kong oil painting reproductions entrepreneurs. Forgery and grant more no, my company test has three places, one is the expert of museum of the imperial palace (weibo), one is the Chinese university of Hong Kong, is a testing laboratory in Shanghai."
Liu Mou company to rectified the time of the crime, made two pretty "beauty" of activities.
A will is a treasure.
Liu Mou advertising said, there are three mysterious foreigner buyers want to come to the scene, very powerful. Collectors are eagerly looking forward. But when we hit the word, service charge fee, the result is no clinch a deal.
Another is a high-grade hotel open auction in Hong Kong.
According to Liu Mou, when more than 80 items in the past, live to more than 100 people. Before he met a Hong Kong entrepreneurs took seven or eight super rich buyers come in. The last sign on dozens of pieces, the very prosperous. But Liu Mou said, clinch a deal finally only one, worth 100000 Hong Kong dollars. "Because according to the rules, look at the collection to take test, the results are not to a specific s, only a clinch a deal."
Many collectors were tricked into a word, etc. There are ten yuan. Rectified time, a total of swindle at least 52 people, more than 300 ten thousand yuan.
The truth is torture
Buyer power in
Company nobody understand antiques
Under the prosecutor asked, a little Liu Mou Lou farcing.
Since the Hong Kong company pay tax, how much a year? "Well, WuLiuQian hk $.
Auction record on the site so much, a year only pay WuLiuQian tax?
"Well, those are not clinch a deal finally."
The collection which institutions to identify specific you receive? "More to a Hong Kong identification laboratory."
Whether to have an aptitude for testing?
"I feel this is a formal institutions, the experiment to wear, have inspection machines."
Two big events, as well as the water is deep.
The prosecutor asked: "what makes you believe that these foreigners are powerful buyers." Liu Mou hesitated, "is active phone call from a friend in Shanghai, I have seen those people, feeling dress, look very rich."
Prosecutors questioned, according to the Liu Mou and the Shanghai social software chat records, Liu Mou said that the "treasure evaluation conference, let three foreigners to come to cooperate". One of the foreigners because of passport problem had not come to hangzhou, he asked "the next day a foreigner." Liu Mou buried his head in, said can't remember.
For the activities of Hong Kong, the prosecutor asked: "you start company rectified, only a commission income, how do you keep so many employees?"
Liu Mou quickly said: "yes, I start a company, I lost 1.4 million dollars."
Prosecutor: "that's not to open what company?"
Liu Mou: "I think the commission is huge."
Prosecutor: "that you and your employees, do you have any knowledge of antique?"
Liu Mou said, not one.
 art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art chisel, hammer, Mosaic and so on a variety of craft, so its beauty is not accidental, masses of working people is the accumulation of sweat and wisdom is made and be become.
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