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along with the family economic level, annatto furniture more and more into the ordinary people home oil painting

On January 14, in recent years, along with the family economic level, annatto furniture more and more into the ordinary people home. Someone collect annatto earn rich indeed, but some huge losses.
Burma hua limu with Africa to spend pear price disparity big loss of one million
Reported according to "train" of the people's livelihood, lee calls this morning said oneself listen to merchants story and a slip in Burma hua limu bought African rosewood, the price of the difference between a whopping 8, 9 times, loss of millions of the deal that Mr Li.
Mr Li told reporters that  a few years ago his office to decorate, in a fair took a fancy to a sea of furniture enterprises, high-tech zone remit wood industry company processing of annatto furniture.
After a bargain, Mr Li was there and collect sea wood industry company director jiang manager to sign the purchase contract, in accordance with the prices of Burma hua limu, made a set of values of daily office furniture.
Mr Li said, annatto furniture also didn't find any problem after carried into the office, so he gave his home also ordered hundreds of thousands of furniture.
Before and after the sea wood industry company in the end, Mr Lee's remit total bought more than 180 of annatto furniture, oil painting can who think the world is not meant to: before long, Mr. Li smell a foul smell, drawer and African rosewood will have this kind of smell.
Found the problem, Mr. Li went down samples from buying their own furniture, specifically to Beijing to find the wooden furniture industry testing authority, the identification of the own furniture material, to get the report after the surprise him.
Detect the report shows, buying furniture drawer board, have no smell, not rosewood in Burma.
The disparity between the price of myanmar rosewood with Africa to spend pear is very big, the furniture let li lost millions.
In recent years, along with annatto investment collection growing, annatto furniture also once become investment of choice for consumers the value, but at the same time, many illegal businessmen will fraud "hand" to this field.
Annatto furniture is expensive and difficult to distinguish true and false gullible
Rich home is located in the provincial capital jinan north park avenue, specializes in annatto furniture. Enter the market, the reporter sees every store decorated gorgeously, in-store lights were blazing and glamorous expensive display furniture also is inside.
A set of dyu rosewood chairs and tables, cost up to five hundred and ninety-eight thousand.
Sales staff said that dyu rosewood is black acid is in the best in the mahogany, the price is expensive, and absolute guarantee of their furniture paint, no color, absolute guarantee as well.
False material, waste, substitute one oil painting reproductions thing for another is not all rosewood mahogany
Sales staff told reporters that in the annatto furniture industry, with other impersonating annatto timber materials, the texture of similar species with annatto raw material, and then coloring, polishing, and some manufacturers profit method.
Then the reporter comes to rich household across east Asia, furniture of annatto furniture stores, on the fourth floor found here the annatto furniture price is generally cheaper than rich elegant home.
A pure myanmar spend pear sofa tea table 4 times only sell fifty-three thousand, price is cheap, so it is really?
Sales people the truth, the real myanmar spend pear is absolutely can't so cheap, are generally high spend pear imitation in myanmar.
Low consumption, high grade enjoy, but that is again beautiful thing; Use 10 yuan to buy 100 dollars worth of thing, nature is also a good thing. But the reality is often disappointing, is often you think you take advantage of the on the surface, and the inner is likely to have eaten big losses.
Chrysanthemum pear price on the market at present the high is known to all. In annatto market, huang hua limu rare degree after rosewood, belongs to the very rare natural resources.
Hainan chrysanthemum pear or Vietnam and Burma chrysanthemum pear, huanghua pear with rose wood prices soaring, many undesirable businessman selling some fake chrysanthemum pear to deceive consumers, a bit not careful will be cheated.
Myanmar spend pear belongs to the annatto furniture of fine material, and through the survey of annatto market, the reporter understands not all rosewood mahogany.
Don't let a fraud ruined pear flower
One of the most controversial is called a hedgehog painting Africa to spend pear of red sandalwood.
The rich of the household, traders said, due to Africa to spend pear do not belong to the national standard of annatto, so it is not allowed to enter in their market.
And with the rich elegant household furniture store, all the way across the shandong east Asia but businesses to Africa to spend pear as the main mahogany products.
The sales staff said they nan GuiXuan annatto shop main red sandalwood is a hedgehog, but the real hedgehog rosewood from the color, decorative pattern is similar to chrysanthemum pear, alternaria alternata in tropical Africa, especially a hedgehog red sandalwood tree species, is one of the redwood gb 33 species inside .

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