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hand holding oil painting reproductions a green sword and turning his back to the mandible

Xiping thirteen years, Cao Caopa ride pursuit Liu Beijun tsao chwun rate five thousand wolves, similar in yichang tangyan today from a slope inhibiting liujun, liu2 bei4 rate dozens of soldiers rushed out, its samyama and children lost in the war. Zhaoyun still has not only themselves, instead of turning to searching for the enemy liu bei's wife old wine, large oil paintings, encounter, risked his life in dangerous consequences will be GanFu dili JiZiLiu saved in zen. This story to be recorded in the reflection of real calendar, as for the battle Zhao Yunchang prefer slope seven hand falls into seven out, liu bei dou (liu chan) and so on, is the story of "the three connectors in literature, but following projectile, police station, such as opera painting subject to convey and shallow opinion, become people everywhere to celebrate the history of the vent.
During the Ming and qing dynasties, the official activities of huizhou were extremely poor, and the opera was in the official root of huizhou, which had deep and deep roots, which further affected the theme of architecture decoration. Huizhou woodcarving of many themes in the story is taken from the opera canvas classic scene, hand-written draft layout, building participating parties, the characters wear with deep opera momentum in tainan, embodies the elegance of huizhou people's nature and deep white to opera.
As shown in FIG. 1, this girder is presented with the story of zhao yunchang's rescue of liu zen. The carving is shallow and deep, and the oil painting on the beam is in line with people's vision, and strengthens the concubines. In yan blue, zhaoyun was in block letters, riding in front, holding a silver gun in his left hand, and his right hand holding oil painting reproductions a green sword and turning his back to the mandible after the death. The body is a cloth bag, the child that package is liu chan. The mandible also wore a rattan, a straggling horse, and the hand held octyne, trying to stab zhaoyun, the gun oil painting, sword fighting, the scene was violent. The top left corner of the stem depicts two characters who should be cao cao and cao chun, who are looking at the battle situation. The nephew of the ground returns, and the dragon looms.
Anhui huangshan huizhou construction powder wall daiwa, unique, its decorative wood carving, stone carving and brick carving all ancient simple real oil painting, also Cuban people broadcasting. Anhui spring tea house has a pair of characters of the story line beam, which is engraved in detail, the firm is depressed, highly artistic and simple reproduction. Girder? It is the construction of the construction of the huizhou construction of the construction of the construction of the construction of the construction of the construction of the construction of the bridge. Beams pillars as usual volume is bigger, is into paintings carved decoration object, for the people all the time on its side and front float engrave pledge scenes wonder creeping weed flowers, auspicious beast successor, monk story, god fry goods, etc. This is to the qing dynasty looking at the crescent beam, 75 cm long, 48 cm wide, 52cm tall, the subject of which is the story of the characters of The Three Kingdoms and the story of the opera characters, and the hand painted oil painting is now divided into the pre-capacity pipe well.
Huizhou woodcarving is a cultural treasure, single regardless of amazed people chase technique, insulator form only has rich and colorful, thick splendor, reflect the will of the people of huizhou aesthetic temperament and interest and captain tuan li. Only regret now flood story lines carved out of the characters who play era civilization, oil painting has already been revealed that performance is difficult to identify what is the story, what comes from the opera scene, as shown in figure 2 which is emerging from the opera? It is a pity. What we can do is to break up the engraving, the opera, and so on, to make a discussion on the engraving of the wood carving, implying that the culture of its culture is inherent.
Oil painting
FIG. 2 shows the pattern of the beam with the first communication, the marginal decoration of the lightning, and the parisians show the scene of the drama. The roof tiles arranged by the stage were staggered, and the finches were made of fine lines and coarse and fine. Stage engraved on the emperor, the palace harem seven groups, father-in-law, civilian and military commanders, the emperor painting after sitting on the table, after the death of two palace offer help support, standing ground wave is a hand-held dust eunuch, two civilian divided on both sides, they midwife fell upon a blow to the murderer. The wu-qin beard, wearing a beard, hanging from the waist, a sharp sword, and a great deal of air, the support of the arm to say what, the concord of the quarrel to arrive rush.
Oil painting.oil painting
Wing flavour.first painting axis of luo zhenyu. In 2013, the 12 territories art painting Beijing kuang-kuang painting news made a "knockout" for 59.80 million yuan.

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