Tuesday, March 7, 2017

cartoon "big head son and small head father" is written works, the copyright owner of oil painting cartoons

The day before yesterday morning, caused by his country's "big head the son" image of intellectual property infringement cases in chaoyang court court, the plaintiff said CCTV animation, the cartoon "big head son and small head father" is written works, the copyright owner of oil painting cartoons, culture development co., LTD. Hangzhou big head son to authorize others to use the image of the "big head the son" dolls and other products, production, sales, image era beauty trade co., LTD in Beijing in its stores, sales image dolls. CCTV animation that the two companies suspected of infringement, so that the defendant stop the infringing act, hangzhou big head son all kinds of culture company compensation costs 400000 yuan. Trial yesterday, hangzhou big head son culture, the company said it has and agree on "big head the son" the image of the author, you can use the image of "big head the son".
The plaintiff CCTV animation co., LTD., v. says, it is "big head son and small head father" written works, the copyright owner of cartoons, shall have the right of "big head the son" and other animation image copyright. 1995 edition and 2013 edition cartoons released after the "big head son and small head father" won a wide range of issuing market and the audience market, high ratings, and has a well-known goods stipulated by the anti-unfair competition law of our country.
, "said CCTV animation culture development co., LTD. Hangzhou big head son without permission, without authorization, a large number of characters which is copyrighted by the authorize others to use our company production, sales, and derivative products, including but not limited to 'big head son image dolls; Beijing era beauty trade co., LTD in their business' name merit goods shop, selling both hangzhou big head son cultural companies licensed to produce without authorization" big head the son "image of the doll. In addition, the culture company hangzhou big head son is without authorization will be" big head son and small head father "well-known commodity unique name as WeChat public account propaganda."
CCTV animation that era culture development co., LTD., Beijing hangzhou big head son beauty trade co., LTD., the behavior of violating the legitimate rights and interests of CCTV animation, has caused a serious loss to the company. CCTV animation appealed to the court, requesting to judge the defendant is authorized to stop production and sales of infringing products, immediate destruction existing infringing products; Culture buy oil painting development co., LTD. Hangzhou big head son to stop using cartoon characters to develop derivatives of the infringement, stop using well-known cartoon "big head son and small head dad," the name of the ACTS of unfair competition; Cultural development co., LTD. Hangzhou big head son compensation for economic loss of 300000 yuan, the reasonable rights costs 100000 yuan.
Yesterday morning, the case in chaoyang court, the defendant culture company said hangzhou big head son, CCTV animation company not proof responsibility, in addition, the company is only using the big head son in WeChat image, is not used in the goods, therefore, big head son did not compete with CCTV animation culture.
Big head son also said culture company, the company has and created a "big head the son", "small head father", the famous oil painting author of "apron mom" agree on image using aspects, the authors agree to use the image. At present, the big head son culture of the company's products have been in the public and the industry, the company hopes to court to suspend the trial.
Another era beauty co., LTD., said the defendant Beijing dolls are through formal procurement market, there is no infringement of any rights of CCTV animation, the company has now will be involved in goods shelves, waiting for the court after processing. The case was not convicted in court.
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