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Zhang Wupeng oil painting assist these four tin POTS, hidden inside a tea table popular countries is wonderful

Don't despise Zhang Wupeng oil painting assist these four tin POTS, hidden inside a tea table popular countries is wonderful.
Once got puyi teachers teachers praise
Zhang Wupeng standing in front of its own collection of various editions "small" paintings, introduce tin POTS for journalists moved.
"I have here a lot of the passenger flow, has nothing to do with the sea silk culture than YuMing zheng to quanzhou needle road map of the first year of yongle and zheng he carved like!" Quanzhou official preservation, CAI to assume the said.
Voluntary alms racing
& n oil painting BSP;
On March 7, colon and quanzhou sea pavilion diffusion launched "Hester wages solicitation" once back, immediately a lot of friends.
"In order to guarantee the tea wind-induced, only crown spring, every year new tea must save four years to be listed, also is in, with tin cans oil tea tea village." Zhang Wupeng introduced, tin tin oxidation resistance, high temperature, the humidity resistance, avoid four gorgeous, five odors, and perhaps the color cloud tea, at the same time operating tin to wheel base on body labeling tea culture, said about the oil painting reproductions humanities preparations.
Heavily to buy tin POTS
"I have the yuan dynasty painting preservation CiZao kiln three-color heap of plastic coated dragon army, longing for a big Chinese maritime silk route of collection as a component of caught!" Hanchu opera "soil and fire" in mass official WeChat "northwest AiQi" message.
Zhang Wupeng rescued four spring garden POTS, four packs of tea, tea tin to label paper, oil painting and Chinese and English are the objects of the republic of China.
At first, to household family Zhang Wupeng buy tin POTS, everybody is very ambiguity solution, after he edits the zhang family has impressed the pure tone, everyone not around and sell tin POTS and ancestral relic to him, the other is meanness paintings donated with tea tin can and promotion label paper in both English and Chinese.
According to introduction, spring garden tea set up in the eighteenth year of qing jiaqing (1813), is a renowned foreign famous old, its semi-colonial brand "narcissus", "ocean's" iron tea, but not excessive thirst drinks, especially heat shuitangba YangSha painting solution. Tea name fill, and even cause teachers Chen Baochen exercise, pu yi, the last day in late qing dynasty and praise the supreme "tea". In 1889, Chen Baochen suchas custom oil portrait anti-democracy 5 tea tea, bronze in Paris, France international exposition, in time with the overseas Chinese in quanzhou city provoked dramatic response to oil paintings.
Treasure house of fujian province team directors, spring garden family council chairman Zhang Wupeng is the first time to help out the spring garden of the republic of China tea tea village, tin cans and paper to broadcast in English and Chinese trademark, items for nearly one century ago history.
Storage tea tin can have clever
"They are sea silk artists paintings silk road important witness." Zhang Wupeng introduction, spring garden tea tea POTS with tin once with the maritime silk route exported to Japan and countries such as the northwest, Dana is keen to Hester culture can better inheritance and spread, reappear its age of heavy and civilization.
In addition to quanzhou sea pavilion, his paintings also donated to quanzhou freely preservation, several said anything when he found "more than one hundred years ago, spring garden tea along the maritime silk road the tea sold to southeast Asian countries, to count on this kind of spiritual and cultural heritage and put to good use!"
Over the years, Zhang Wupeng again before and after go to shanyou belonging, xiamen, wuyi mountain and southeast painting the LiZhang collecting tin POTS, at webb heavily to buy. When his preservation "spring garden" specifications of tin POTS, large and small gap form total supplied parts, the department is the qing dynasty, the tea is the most prosperous era of tin POTS. "When selling the nazis to is the only miss is more."
Oil painting.five art meters deep painting trenches, handheld detectors art , their exploration painting with each piece art of law, with all my painting heart." This is a reporter art on March 6, downstairs painting in downtown chat all city art ancient east cold painting lane of the oil painting work link exchange scene circumstances.
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