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oil painting segmentation matter how big or small sphere necessarily must have the bright

Starting from the Huan Hui stumble stagger reclined in growth
This kind of situation of artificial will affect the galleries around the world. DE zi gallery in Beijing in 2010 in women hand is participated in more than 20 times in succession, the art director Bai Hong performance to the reporter, many art fair and mediocre goods seats differential oil painting a matter, azide content, artistic feature is not prominent, insufficient crude greatly. "Art is not the universal conditions, by fair means less than mediocre commodity thoughts to do." Fair to do, he thought, oil painting segmentation, no matter how big or small's sphere, not necessarily must have the bright characteristic, if only with who spend more money than in the form of oil painting, is not to continue development.
"Now the fair is not a simple hair sell art venues, at some level into a similar to the large-scale exhibition activities." And since the mix in the art market study of the history of fine arts of capital normal university academy of fine arts department TaoYu, will be summed up as painting the art of moisture in the "county from the low end to high-end display" the overall trend. At the beginning of this decade, for example, he said, many of the fair, actually that is a big market, shortage of unified planning, just rent booths, which seem to be very complex is a mess. Through the process for many years, the international art exposition has been with the Chinese paintings, to an advanced state, implemented access system, only approved qualified gallery to join, there are much more international famous brands providers also participate in go out. TaoYu said: "now art fair as a modern art exhibition, the exterior-interior ChiYu gallery with their acting artist's latest work to focus on the oil painting show, it is also a broad international standard practice, namely, galleries and access system." China's fair also gradually formed its own features, mainly paintings, exaggerated decoration, seek TV, DengMiao from the west to gaining ideas describe for the policy of this art form.
Broad experience in art paintings to more in the future
"I think the Chinese diet extra large in the future. China's top school, there is no real horse face consumption of oil painting reproductions art, the so-called goose-step career today far from art are also compared. The premise is the increase of the preservation of China home base, fair professional level of ascension, and therefore, from the international art exposition and painting some interval." Just stroke play the Basel art fair in Hong Kong "skill set" founder Li Dongli show, professional organization, not only single now also asked participants, collect various aspects, such as the Basel is at the same time to conquer the Chinese patch of cloth of Hong Kong, Hong Kong and the advantages of western capital, victory is certain. "I am very bullish on China's oil painting group. China a lot of people have realized that lived thousands of real estate, hung with hundreds of pieces of decoration products, is also a kind of rich. When domestic good gallery more fully, a sufficient number of collectors of cent, even if it is curator of the east company will be determined to come to China. Really fair work is secondary oil painting, the gallery, please go out, decorate professional, orderly, and as a collector is enough. Let's go as goods, is greater than all the good works."
Once continuously in China for many years as hairs art market environment, second Xu Zilin money why still so disappointed? He said analysis, get rid of antiques, ancient painting generation of art, modern art business sales, the Chinese modern art market share is negligible, and almost all concentrated in the auction market. "Works of art for the sale of all investment in China, don't have really send collection of righteousness. It has to do with China's property market, the stock market pattern, the same will add a prefix" Fried "word, fry, fry, fry art painting floor... since it is Fried, with high fire stir fry, fast into the market situation of fast... how, who may be in the primary market to buy a for many years is likely to appreciate works of art? And now the understanding of this art, comb, homes also have strikingly divergent conflict, these status quo are oil painting can cause the development of the market for Chinese art hard." He revealed performance.
Zhong-wei zhang also think, home to the title of the first Beijing international art exposition or ultimate orientation, "many art fair because position is not clear, plus general art custom oil painting market sale is very low, the ultimate in art institutions satisfaction is low. Because the grade of the oil painting exhibition is different, to participate in the international art exposition of buyer satisfaction is not high also. The future of the exhibition can't consciously to reduce high altitude, must want to have a clear market positioning, in order to strengthen the interaction of art exposition and art institutions, promoting low quality, at the same time to the buyer customer at work."
"Art, oil painting from the business oil painting exhibitions and business mechanism of the east, in the wild type generally encounter water. Notice this in a deep taste of the gap is represented by the auction of the secondary market is extremely strong, lashed out at the gallery, the people's representative constitute the primary market. The primary market by title, development problems, perhaps is the oil painting is fair to completed the core topic in China." West chicken calls mu art market research.
Just now everywhere in fair held in in succession, but behind these seem to be very busy, but has a lot of people about the place. In art criticism home Xu Zilin view, the art of overseas market of oil painting is always difficult, lack of true righteousness on collection. Don't have a social basis of the universality of the art collection  rhetoric, the art of the primary market for artificial hard, "even if the international art exposition, galleries, more at the exhibition, the but these are art circle own games, from the market is still far away, terrier prevue of oil painting, Chinese art canyue practitioners also live in himself of a false market demand, quiet chicken soup of rhetoric, is to rely on feelings in the efficiency of art." He thought, the Chinese art in the bo met ti "is not a fair's own topic, true Chinese art dealer very hard very hard, and recreation for the sudden oil painting and feelings to disobey.
In the art market under the premise of face facts, of collecting art fair there are also many, disorderly and scattered in a filthy mess, signs, especially the homogeneity and low-end, hypermarkets pury GuiJiao. After years of development, but there is a part of the international art exposition of said vessel and vehicle for art painting expo flags, still in the phase of remnants of the market.
Is art circle my game?
How to prevent homogeneity gonorrhea? Wang li thought, executive director of international art fair in shenzhen every fair and finding the region's natural instinct, because the civilization degree of accumulation and of the oil painting art market, the local collectors collection have different hopes. "Shenzhen collectors can go to Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong to buy art, then, in fair held in shenzhen, can let them see? This is the biggest place sexual art bo met over the subject."
"Now that we have a gallery, need painting people will find in the collection of the gallery, should go to the exhibition? Why so let's get their hands on the exhibition is its treads and a broad range of people, by the flattering portraits, expand the influence, concentrated, of course, in the process and collectors docking form hair sell even better." Bai Hong think, do not want to be in Beijing international art exposition feed oil painting market fluctuation stone coal, sven communication really well. Art is a precise marketing, is only the secret of general announced that don't have the geometric influence.
Indeed, under heavy difficult, we have also seen the progress of China's art market over the years, will this be latent gradually affect its future. "Beijing art" painting create Dong Mengyang referring to experience of the industry for many years, experience the deepest is the progress of the society and the increasing number of people material culture needs. "Such as our deputy speaker of the thin wall is 10 yuan, original intention is to set up an opening price mean sex. Now prime minister, 100 yuan, tens of thousands of people to buy tickets to watch the same otherwise. Let's see the paintings all demand for goods product." An immature market with this principle, in the primary market is eight, "and let's now is' and ', from this perspective, our art market and large space. China must be the biggest art market in the future, juncture is our professional practitioners how to old oil field work, completes the performance." In his view, is the most necessary to do a fair work errors. Because it has a woody plant animal, need art ambition and attitude, can go far, can let a person produce confidence. "On the one hand, eastern trade and professional trick these tablet link equipment, is to oil painting to study careful; on the other hand to push our cultural alley, completes the content, the most core is don't disregard our own culture." Dong Mengyang revealed, in a five thousand - year civilization heritage, intended to use the educate to drive our culture and arts, back to the world, also let's your father. His paintings show itself also thought on how to promote art, art of press close to life. And to that end, he made the "Beijing design", "bring everyone has a sense of modern design products, may be even more ground."
The old fire extrusion, auction company in the gallery of a party's environment, how do work of Chinese oil painting art fair? Tariffs of up to 33% in China and foreign galleries of situation, how to promote the internationalization of domestic art fair manure basket? In art ecology is not sound, collectors under the reality of the minority is not naive, what pension rate can promote the formation of first-class art fair?
Some international famous art painting expo, such as the international art cologne in Germany wrist ankle needle, cutoff wall international art Basel, Switzerland, the international exhibition of modern art in Paris, France, Spain Madrid greeks, Chicago international art exhibition of modern art, such as in their art and urban civilization needs the impregnation. "Cologne, Germany, the international art and the painting is close 1967, such as historical records of precipitation is itself a kind of precious cultural industry. Centralized power, host of European art fair carefully produced, struggled to fight back, sternly to perform accurate orbit system, guarantee the exhibition works repair workshop. Fair business is business, also show business deals, according to oil painting academic activity, often the Chinese exhibition through further study will do more and more good." TaoYu revealed.
Hundreds of lake investment group, vice President of the international culture, art, nanjing general curator zhong-wei zhang fair development course in China can be divided into three stages. The first stage is from 1993 (guangzhou fair to hold) the oil painting in 2003, this is art expo May 10 years within the system. The second stage is from 2004 to 2004, which is engaged in the cloth art Dong Mengyang of 10 years and the long time soka gallery of melody creation gallery Beijing international after their own, opened a new page, art, oil paintings in the gallery exhibition, art Beijing pongee, Shanghai this romantic continuously rise, etc. This stage is the flourishing period of Chinese art market, self-determination clinch a deal to gallery tasted the back door. The third stage is the Basel art fair landing in Hong Kong and Shanghai in 2013 21 to the rise of ancient art exhibition of oil paintings. During this period, the art market stretches over a period of hot, but then went cold, let some gallery numerous high exhibition expenses to the heavy burden, the exhibition piece surface branch of a river to send product mediation. "Art Beijing" persistent the northern market, Shanghai jc this household words and the Hong Kong art Basel art fair points according to oil painting on the sea and Hong Kong, and the formation of three filter tripartite confrontation of current affairs, but due to reasons such as the foreign market and the demand of design and color of the, everywhere and mixed up with all kinds of urgent matter, will be named as art, art of changsha, nanjing art in shenzhen, xiamen, etc.
Wang li, for example, shenzhen is an open city, people demand for art painting is diverse, to the degree of suffering jumped very high, so, shenzhen clients are diverse and some application of art of different kind of art and the category of dispute desire to see, among them the works of art and design scene contrast his reception. "A lot of new collectors of outgoing some requirements on the aesthetic fashion, posture sex don't painting is strong, the price not too high, we have been adjusted, looking forward to the market to grow up. From a few people to see a picture, to many people to see a picture, and then to buy paintings, step into the threshold of the collection for the first time, are we over the years has been advancing team-mates." Wang li said, shenzhen international art fair used to be an oil painting now many new collectors, the next step is hope that they become a collector of the system, and clear their preservation and aesthetic dacron, rather than merely progress hang a picture to be a decoration at home.
Buy off the showground geo-thermal precision
On March 23, 2017 Basel art fair opened in Hong Kong, from 34 oil painting of a country and region of the 242 galleries, once again let the attention of Hong Kong index soared. Fair is in segment will be on time, art gallery, artists, collectors, converging on a platform and art article mistress, efforts to maximize the benefits. From the initial few around to today's oil paintings with flowers, fast growth, China's fair has been more than 20 years of history.
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