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first two years of top international oil painting collectors from the India market got wind

Art Basel global director marc, he also performance: "the root of art preservation home is constantly demoted in the sunset." No more than he thought, from specific areas of new art collectors have oneself of tumblers, the folk art city time since the runway, such as Andy warhol, painting pablo Picasso, gerhard Richter, or the same oil painting artist must fit their taste.
, according to a report in 2014, compared with the whole fakes art market peak time period have reached $68 billion in total sales, all his art market's total sales in 2016 fell to $56.6 billion oil paintings. This figure compared with 2014 fell 11%, selling landing exceeds $10 billion.
The aqua green of endless
According to "TEFAF art market report 2017 pointed out that to ingratiate themselves with Chinese buyers, the auction house years efforts to develop the Chinese oil painting antiques oil painting reproductions market," 2016 years end Christie's and sotheby's victory in Paris took a few pieces of antique city in Asia, Europe land year-round homemade clinch a deal the six in 10 antique items for east Asian art. The new positioning of the sale strategy in the 2016 European uniform auction houses, antique items to clinch a deal the price of oil painting for 5 years from 201 sudden landing to $43200, $13200 antiques auction sales increased by 190%."
McAndrew said: "the art market sales decline has continued for two years, but the drop in 14 years 20 oil painting art, the license plate to a handful of peak time later. As is said, we are not suddenly back in 2009; in 2009, and that is, the rise of the art market is also very urgent." She also supplemented, art buyers now broadly all over the world, so today's art market is not oil in the 1980 s that need 15 years to be recovered.
Opens the report discusses the multilateral trade art selling status, culvert is business price, trading volume and regional market fall rate benchmark data. In automaticity, part-time person and auction market report and exposition of art, oil painting online hair to sell hand painted oil painting the property and the international trend and important aspects, such as economic impact index. Reporting of data directly from people who art brokers, preservation of auction houses, antique, art cost database, financial and economic database, and integrated in the primary market and secondary market sales.
Oil painting art market is no longer slow rebound
Mike Andrew to cadres in conference issued another need data: Asia Pacific surrounding high net worth population size beyond the north American region for the first time. Mike Andrew also pointed out that at present China region and Hong Kong areas with as many as 1.7 million people, millions of the rich man and edge of Asia week oil painting, have 3 every three days the birth of a new self-made millionaire.
"2016 Asian market overall auction sale fell 1.6% year-on-year, the Chinese market shrank by 2.6%." Report says, but Japan and India market have exceeds 100% of the increase of separation. "The growth of the Japanese market paintings obviously cross-border purchase behavior has close correlation with the Chinese buyers, and the first two years of top international oil painting collectors from the India market got wind of, certainly also obtained from the auction market data to replace the powerless."
On March 22, the TEFAF annual art market report before the boulder, the authors in the chahai clay painting McGill, Andrew ChuDu Hong Kong exhibition in art Basel issued "art Basel and ubs icbc art market report. Khaki, points out that the art market in 2016 to sell a total of about $56.6 billion, down 11%, compared with 2015 Chinese Chinese market accounts for 20% of full wind art painting product sales.
In recent years, China's ecstasy in the international auction market develop sense guide is more and more big, the proportion of China's collection is in the endless. Seven Asian art week 3 days, Christie's New York auctions of total turnover reached $333 million in the oily, a week of Asian art paintings auction sales a new documentary series.
In 2016, as the largest Asian auction market intercontinental market, market share of 40.5% of global auction market, and in 2015 the share of only 31%. China at close to 90% of the auction market relative to the canvas upper hand in the Asian market.
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