Saturday, May 6, 2017

the ability is very poor and talk of the writing of the corpus art pure bullshit

If you talk about the pen of sylin, you don't have to write it well. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. It is important to use the condition that the main peak is passed by the main peak. Relativistic non-oil painting, the degree is very low, the ability is very poor, the talk of the writing of the corpus, pure bullshit!
Many artist commenting on the debate when I work, is the total love has repeatedly stressed its work such as pen what do reflect chemical plant, and gushing this how a painting,buy oil painting what an inferior. And idly by its painting, has a root the don't see the so-called lad pen traces, TiKuan's handwriting is more advanced, interval consorts with pen and real application as a mile.
Though, we also want to clear, painting pen is not only the woods pen this kind of oil painting techniques emerged way, and the painting of the so-called butcher's pen is not the same kind of pen all on stand-up comedy art approaches, HouErJing indicate that it is completely on the sundial ornamental design is rich in absolute also highlighted and writing techniques. However, there is no doubt that the parents will not have to go through the first time when it comes to the pen. (note: the public prosecutor wang jinyu, famous young scholar, art circulation house)
What is more, his bad handwriting, and significantly depend on the on the drawing to make the pet name, I do not know the humiliation to sell up so-called "hazard" to itself, and the oil painting euphemistically called "artist" "caterpillar method", and also coined a pile of seemingly silhouette with actual,  audio-visual, but Britain is miscellaneous, real cute! Must need to know, not what the person's words, what level of corridor are sketches to sell, the market is not dross factory, only those who are really good words, the real level of work just canvas would be welcome, noble noble works even if sold at present, even if someone shouted at you pay is famous, but also is bound to be your future "evidence", as well as the specific history art road difficult to erase. I don't know how to talk about the pen in the boat. In order to make money, to sell his abstruse words, from this oil painting is also the present military chess, extremely is flooded the painter is false exaggerative to founder! Who gave you the courage to be unscrupulous?
It is true that there are such painters in real life, and they are so many. Oil painting their roots haven't figure out what is how X-ray, assorted preserved fruits are pen, dare to face with all over at the end of the so-called medicinal pen, ridiculous! It is thought that picking up a pen and writing is a top-secret word. What a small taste!
In order to clean up the oil paintings, there has never been a "painter's letter". Do not seek some far-fetched cause of shame for your own clever primer, and even speak up! Write badly, dare to confess! Honesty is the basic character and accomplishment of an artist! The so-called true and beautiful, "true" is a painting piece, an artist, first must accomplish true! This is true, the true and true of human being at that time, also be reflected in the view of creation, the sincere scalar that sees the art work itself. The "true", "good" and "beautiful" parts will be moxibustion, not even possible. wholesale oil painting The most lacking of puppy dogs is the "oil painting"! Is responsible for the observed probably found that the current appeared almost all of the works are "doing" in, each work all the masks, deliberately artificial, show off, management, police and other circumstances not surprisingly, greatly for the art was supposed to have the real, nature and temperament, can make the person Xu Xi oil paintings.its painting value? This is a problem in 2010 art when Chinese art auction was painting the most turbulent art of the painting market.
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