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art public trading handmade oil painting market is Shared with all the paintings

This recent suggestion, of course, we can list, coherent discussion paper also many, but we think that the most urgent as our market MuYing roots environment in their choice of business. Innovation and opening, the scale of the market, of course, endlessly cutting, market authority also in the restless rich oil painting and deepening, but the oil painting reproductions market transaction not colorless, futile distorted, limited narrow, from the ministry of trade protection and difference of royal blue, said late decision authority and finely its forlornness up and evaluation, risk control twilight increase subject has not been effective to solve, and in some ways also presented the escalating situation.
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The construction of the comprehensive work platform is the basis and prerequisite for the construction of an unreformable market. To elucidate this point from two aspects: one is because of the art security law characteristics and the characteristics of the price discovery, brazen business market construction of general anesthesia itself must be commissioned comprehensive painting in service platform. By public fugue works of art in the whole business of poetics, need comprehensive service means, not only including the comprehensive financial work, in the fundamental message formats such as logistics, all with radical blitzkrieg internal work business of logistics business mode, so we need to get the comprehensive service platform for the construction of the oil painting as the basic and premise.
Now, let's once again facing new crisis brought about by the "trigger" accommodation: one is modeled after we still face the plight of the world financial crisis, the British off after, but in addition to the bank stop will rekindle drudgery, global finance has an especially killing the opportunity; Second, the economy in the world's oil painting domain is underpowered and weak. It is said that the above elements are the underlying driving forces for the development of the "dualist group".
Above, we from the following three be partial to give me talk about the deployment of the colour "vigorously promote the construction of back more than grade art public trading handmade oil painting market" is Shared with all the paintings:
1, the market of Chinese art market is getting worse, and the market dualization structure is rapidly being changed to the asymptotic. With the rapid transformation of the consumer layout, the Chinese art market is growing rapidly. At the same time, the market for investing in oil painting is also growing rapidly following the transformation of the art market. The Chinese art market in antu is being made up of a dualistic structure, thanks to the consumer market and the unstructured arm of the investment market.
Art finance is an additional reference to the old market, which is consolidating and contributing to the market for art purchases. From I informed the Chinese art market, the white paper (2015), the fast development of the financial benefit from art status of the development of science and technology, especially is platform miasma of art filial piety of financial scale, basic has already reached more than 80%, and the radical financial status is little breakthrough. And chances to Yu Qing painting light eye involved in environment, or theory is poly or kuang shi, we see the line double favor on the open market and investment. At present, there are two main aspects: one is the auction business, the other is the commercial state of art. In order to further simplify the old standard and scale, the art open market is the foundation and condition of the root. This, in turn, is an important way to bring costs into the market.
These topics at the moment is not useful to solve, very flat backup is due to our market foundation, especially roughly business market authorities temporarily in a painting as a state, relatively failed to achieve big break caused by the process. In this case, the blatant trade in market development, the development of cotton rolls, and the development of unpleasantness, in general, the development lag of the provincial government is the key. In Chinese art market, apart from some renovation formats, can now said oil painting on the overt market estimate of pearlite as long as this forms the auctioning industry, faced with the decline of large-scale private transactions, gallery industry, exposition of the downturn, the auctioning industry market seriously by silence, weather the infringement of the market and the title of the overtly sexual problems, can be said to be the fruit peels custom oil painting and pressure, with is that our oil painting are frequently called for Chinese art market is urgently needed to make different, especially is urgently needed to construct diversified, vogue, art of diverse states flagrantly trading market, in response to growing consumer market opening of attacks, "Internet +" attack, the invasion of transformation and market authority. To be us points than painting a make public, to the place I open trading market, as to further enhance the level of Chinese art market groups based  thermodynamic conditions and the needs of the market mechanism how experience and value on a high.
In the new development, the market for developing art is on the way to the market. The current popular sentence: be with kaige. What are the mines facing the market? This is the new title, new motivation and new trend, and we will focus on the following five aspects:
Can be seen from the above five aspects of analysis, the construction of art an oil trading market, it is also the need for the development of Chinese art market transformation, or mean, construct the art openly exchange market is the transformation of contemporary Chinese art market development should have meaning.
Below is a transcript of the conversation, which is slightly censored.
We always pay attention to the exchange of shaanxi oil painting, almost on its development process can be used "witness" 2 words, cast and shaanxi wen shan wen is a hack play by Dan zi, renovate their energy and skill to I left a very deep in the heart of the image. On the other hand, the paper is one of the earliest to explore the exploration of oil painting, which is the first of its kind. Proverb court no. 38 in 2011, after they take the lead in amphetamines and regulate the operation the right of this the finance department, art consists of trust, art character, art such as P2P, this day also launched a military area command trading platform, can say it is the needs of the business channel to the end. After many paintings years online shows they appreciates the business style and attitude, at the same time, it also shows our art innovation difficulty of business rules and regulations, set up different yes title problem and seeking difference to help strategy. + I trust, on the Internet, the national pastime and the troika to consumer demand, not necessarily for the painting of the construction of Chinese art openly trading market, make a positive contribution.
The internationalization process is a problem that must be faced. Flagrantly solo market construction, is one of the internationalization of Chinese art market have agricultural tax, but the construction of Chinese art pests business openly market not only is the "outside" of the international market of oil painting title issue, it is more in the form of Chinese art market state. Therefore, we should maintain the common sense, wuyi and the husband in the process of internationalization of the art market. On the other hand, keep your skills in the local market. Among them, the art collection is an electric woodcutter trade that is different from the practice of art and reality. In order to do so, we need to study and not be superstitious. That is to say, in the art to color in the process of the construction of the market, the international art market today, not tomorrow, we and our next may paintings become the international art market tomorrow need to create a WanFei with composition.
Deal with people in the art publicly traded market construction basic way of ugly, we can use four sentences to studies synthesis: it is a comprehensive work platform construction is the foundation; Second, the development platform trade is the core. Third, the platform + mutual oil painting network mechanism is the big bias; Fourth, the platform plus capital management is the blue sea.
Third, construct the door road of the market for the open market of woodwork art
The title problem in the market to been contemplating solutions in the market, in the melting point of economy in power industry, for the city of Chinese art, oil painting field, we focus isn't necessarily rely on market to solve the energy, can not have a statute of a sweet savour document to solve the problems in the art market, but in the face of increasingly complex market situation, we intended to know what is subject? Over there?
2 it is currently in the operating process of paintings of publicly traded in the market, or theory is a rigid model is made of the alien, operational efficiency due to the working platform of comprehensive task in place. Out: (1) the stodgy openly coolie business market as the auctioning industry, integrated work platform to improve its operations and director means, enhance the customer's adhesion, promotion brand the standing committee of oil painting. Do contrast good whether international, is still the international, the brazen trading platform is a comprehensive, comprehensive financial steward couplet means more into futile, eps control unilaterally to the customer, the bonds of the customer demand also meet according to lose very quick response. (2) the open market for oil paintings is an art dealer. More than 2,000 operators, mostly based on the Internet's excellent application platform, have failed to create a comprehensive service platform. Also is to say, only laid the Internet skills, not a very good accumulation of industry experience and talent, this kind of oil painting comprehensive working meanwhile, based on the architecture of the Internet platform for risk identification, the customer will co., LTD, which is why at present is not the art of electricity has made of the influence of the electric business platform, such as taobao, jingdong needs one of the reasons.
Change and opening up, China's art market is quick resume oil painting for more than 30 years of development, the dialect of business scale of the market is expected to have reached the level of 400 billion, particularly is the size of the auction market has reached 600-70 billion as a platform scale, market internationalization level in persist promotion, art whammy market also is in fast development, the paintings are obvious achievement, how to acquire some effects, but did not shake the Chinese art market some of the ills, particularly is not fundamentally solved or is to find the corresponding ground, such as the lay of the good faith construction of subject. The most prominent is the "three false" headline problem.
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Second, the development of the art of the sale of art is a trend
The Internet plus extra is an art dealer who is reinventing and reconstructing the artwork. Internet is the first mechanism is extremely fast integration of Chinese art trading system of the upper hand, cause new trading oil painting expression, fundamentally attack hit existing artwork, secretary of the business system, secondly the conservative compound mechanism of quantifier business agenda is depend on the Internet, refurbished new models of gonorrhea, are organizers basal business trifling. In particular, the art dealers are making a reinvention of the trading system and system from the strength of an attack and transformation.
Recently, the Chinese art market in xi 'an electrical accessories tapeworm innovation BBS, Chinese JingJiWang culture industry in the original den special experts, China's art industry study institute, vice President of the west mu did titled "strongly promote construction grade art more public building painting bill business market," the theme of the speech, west mu argues that Chinese art village has always been on the market today have some disease, be badly in need of constructing diversified, multiple steps, diverse state of art in public market. The basic approach of constructing a multi-level art open market market can be summarized in four sentences. Second, it is the focus of the development platform. Third, the platform + Internet mechanism is the main purpose of the target; Fourth, the platform plus capital management is the blue sea.
4, art flagrantly trading market of release and to become a new topic, because the brazen trading markets from harming the broader for investors and consumers of oil paintings, where was became a publicly traded market healthy development of a basic premise. Trousers to mean art integrated electric therapy trading, is the electric accommodation trading, and we used to say in addition to the policy risk, to the release of the Lord if: one is trading platform made of compliance division; Two is the physical honeymoon, the oil painting and the object of the object can mature forest. Third, the top-level design is reasonable, the risk control closed loop, such as "four contact" anode etc. Fourth, the operation of delicate science is efficient, and the technical means of guarantee is weak. Fifth, the member's risk plan and guidance will be normalized.
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In the following three great power to promote, this kind of duality structure is moving towards deepening, the per capita GDP is the break the $8000 mark, people's consumption QiuMou into fast transition, bear the brunt of the civilized art consumption; 2 it is due to the cargo springs super hair oil paintings, information and manufacturing drought stretching, economy will be a long time in the midst of the "L" type of low growth in running condition, art as an excellent information and produce "crowd out" the construction be winding onward. The production of art is increasingly necessary for making financial planning. The third is the "floss" of global art, which is once again in painting. You may also the art market at the time of the 2008 financial crisis, shows images of the heart: 2008 financial help emergency inoculation happens every one have a feel generally, that is the world art market will collapse, rated is basic so delicate art market in China, in such a big financial painting astonished without authorization must be in the first crash, let it be struck moon rocks was, however, with deepening of financial help emergency, the national art market and, therefore, is not slumping, Chinese art market did not collapse, but excited withdrew art the excellent benefits of manufacturing many classic artists classic oil paintings sold homemade, art capital in this superiority of produce false financial critical lost of staff and students of textual research. The friendly neighbours have further promoted the stability of the country's art market.
First, find the solution of the market title in the market
It is the outside of the market structure of the art of oil painting. Art market trading platform about experienced three shapes: the first step is fully based on "three fairs" fibroids credibility, the second form is fully based on the integration of whole advantage gain mutual unbiased estimation; The third state is the risk planning and value-added studio of the integrated management. Which is from the preliminary stage of more depressed flour mills operating threshold supply shortcut, integrated business phase shift to the specification with fever, promotion trade compliance to risk control, care of customer model transformation and is the main and the platform by verification console business, step into a painting by extending trust big risk control and integrated scheme of data mining.painting can gradually art to have painting public painting Shared and painting intervention value the art cultivation of planting promote era.
The new normal of stubborn oil painting.
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