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Cao xueqin deserves to hold the antique art oil painting reproductions soul of everybody

So let's not abstract, antique collection, a dream of red mansions are describing is cao xueqin appreciates the clearance and the ignorance of the past GuanShu records, the official on the spreading of art creation story, eph into not letter, also can't believe all. Cao xueqin wrote ancient treasures, for the sake of a flash of jin yu's oil painting hall of luxury, dignity, jia fu maid's ostentatious and sample. At the same time, the description of these playways also endeavoured to render the theme of "the dream of the red chamber" as "the defeat of the marquis" and "your singing strike me". It is true that human resources are metabolized into ancient and modern times. Your favorite, now is my pet; His oil painting is a secret, and I don't know when you have been playing with your electrical conductivity. Like to welcome Jia Fei Jia Fu since base cover charge park, with several money follow design is the fate of the state, the character destiny the ups and downs ups and downs of dasa ownership transfer, holders of yi people.
At today in a few days in the human civilization, art oil painting art development to home, may be a "antiques", have no more original than the, but the art creation is the innovation on the majesty will not exceed the time limit of the eternal.
Cao xueqin deserves to hold the antique art oil painting reproductions soul of everybody, he is in a dream of red mansions to withhold his "antique literature" - oil painting, or the cost of any work of art, is the body that would set up different, creative and conduction of a kind of life ambition the letter with feathers. "Art" is to invent the beauty that has not been, is "art" before, "art" in the back. The fifth book of the book, jia baoyu, saw the works of art that we had never seen before.
First is in the oil painting Jia Fu then how good equipment, is refers to those fake, the title problem along with a dream of red mansions of debate, since this work than to worsen. For example, what is the source and inheritance of this fan? Some of the "redologists" of the textual research school have been riveted to an internal affair, so they have come up with a lot of articles. Similarly, delegation Feng Ziying to Jia Fu dumping price twenty-two thousand silver on the four pieces of foreign goods, also need to find out chairs ugly Yin bases, which is equal to the passenger's object, how to, through whom, and so on. Oil painting as a result, then someone found to granny liu jia, the treasure jade, dai jade for them to Long cui guan do what customers have been drinking it into kiln colourful bell cup cap is in the Ming dynasty, and there is a famous name is pantheism produce, but the price that is priceless! But the collector ma wei said, cheng yao no small bell oil painting such things. In his opinion, this should be the imitation of the qing dynasty, and the imperial kiln of insolence.
For example, "dream of the red chamber", the 72nd return of jia lian to the girl of the girl of jia mu to ask for a foreign road and the dedication of the wax oil frozen Buddha hand. Liu xinwu teachers thought that the "wax oil" in the paper was actually "wax oil frozen". But he thought that "wax oil" is precious stone, "waxoil jelly" is not to become a precious stone, this is in the worn-out horse. Real, frozen stone, overseas appellation is pyraphyllite: a stone material that can be used as a seal, wine cup, stone ding, etc. Its texture is fine and smooth, transparent as freezing, so it is wholesale oil painting called. In the stone, such as "red sandalwood frozen", "frozen", wintersweet, red hands, fluorite, etc., are related to the content words "wax frozen" personality is chloride, but look from the semantic, provides a "frozen" wax oil more exact.
Painting book describes many antiques for guest Cheng Ri xing, ever-present play house collection objects of Jia Lian with head of "small clever", all for the sake of implied in the whole world "person" and "things" by wu and bicker: no expensive items can raise BianSeJing fat people, the best thing in the world, such as antiques, pies painting not only easy to make a person's heart was died, and simple encourage heave and the fate of ups and downs. This should be a warning to the current antiques market, business parties, and hot friends.
The classic novel "dream of the red chamber", the undulating and the ancient play of the qing dynasty, is a beautiful painting. Theory is the rare and abundant nature of good equipment, and no matter how big or small it is, jia fu is not lacking in everything. Jia fu's Chen set preservation, is cao xueqin for our posterity of the art of the art preservation of the national. Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to do a good job of painting the antiques and art collections.
This text is elegant, is the aspers, such as "empress wu" have used "mirrors", "swallow" zhao has danced under the gold plate ", "troops stationed" has been used to throw hurt too really milk "papaya"... The oil paintings, which we have never seen before, can not be seen as cao xueqin's determination to make up "the story", but he is conducting his art concubines and artistic propositions. If there is an lushan in the world used to hurls too real milk "papaya" this equipment, that should be how good creativity, what good oil painting! Cao xueqin is just throwing out his continuous string of art cossacks, and the idea is greater than and equal to "originality".
...... In the case, there was a mirror in the mirror room of the day of wu zetian, and a gold dish of zhao fei yan with dancing on one side, and a papaya oil painting with an lushan in it. Below, the princess of shouchang lies in the bed of baozhang, which is the princess of tongchang. Baoyu smiled and said, "here, here!" Qin laughed and said, "I am a Tibetan opera, and maybe the fairy can live with it." In the first hand, she carried out the veil of xi shi's wash, and moved the pillow that she had carried. The oil painting is a good place to serve the jade.oil painting
Wing flavour.first painting axis of luo zhenyu. In 2013, the 12 territories art painting Beijing kuang-kuang painting news made a "knockout" for 59.80 million yuan.

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